Motif of the first 2021 Lithuanian 2 euro commemorative coin
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Motif of the first 2021 Lithuanian 2 euro commemorative coin

Today, the motif of the second Lithuanian 2 euro commemorative coin was published in EU document ST5201 / 21.
The theme of the coin is "Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve".
The picture side shows the characteristic surroundings of the Žuvintas biosphere reserve, which is part of the worldwide UNESCO biosphere reserve program "Man and the Biosphere": remote islands of a unique bird-populated lake and the largest wetland in Lithuania as well as its characteristic animals.
In the foreground, a bittern tries to snatch a red-bellied toad swimming in the water with its beak.
A reed warbler on the right is depicted in the reed, above a flock of cranes and a mute swan, which can be seen on the official coat of arms of the reserve.
Above is the issuing country "LIETUVA", at the lower edge of the picture the reasons for issuing "Žuvintas" and "UNESCO", the mintmark and on the right hand the year "2021".
The twelve stars of the European flag are depicted on the outer ring of the coin.

Denomination: €2 
Composition: alloy 
Diameter (mm): 25.75 
Weight (g): 8.50 
Quality: UNC, BU 

Designed by Eglė Ratkutė and Ernestas Žemaitis (national side) and Luc Luycx (common side).

On the edge of the coin: 'LAISVĖ*VIENYBĖ*GEROVĖ'

Date of issue: 2021 II Quarter 
Mintage: 495,000 pcs, of which 5,000 copies in BU coincards.

SourceECOFIN, EU document ST5201 / 21